Charles Southern,Yondan, is the Chief instructor at the Seigokan Dojo. He began Aikido training in 1982 with Sensei Robert Hackett(RIP). Robert Hackett passed away while being president of the Midwest Yoshinkai Association. Charles then signed up for training with Sensei James. Along with his regular training at the Seigokan Dojo, Charles finds time for teaching at the Irving Park YMCA. It is at this class, that Charles has the task of training small children, youth, and adults at the same time. Charles Southern Sensei is now Head Instructor at The Seigokan Dojo.


Richard Lopez, 3rd Dan, is the head instructor at the Agatsukan Dojo in Whiting, IN. He has an extensive martial arts repertoire, which includes training in karate, tai kwon do, and other styles of aikido. He began training in 1992 at the Seigokan Dojo with Sensei James. Along with his training at the Seigokan Dojo, he assists in the teaching of etiquette, protocol, and the dos and don'ts of Yoshinkai Aikido