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Our organization was formed so that we may be able to practice and perpetuate the art of Yoshinkai Aikido here in the Midwest.

We are a diverse group of many people who come together to practice Aikido. Through the practice of Aikido, a sharp mind, healthy body, and a strong spirit is developed.

When we train, we do so to out do ourselves, not our partners! We train to make ourselves better, not overcome others. As we improve our techniques, we become more confident in ourselves. This feeling is then carried out beyond the dojo into our everyday lives.

When we practice, we follow proper Aikido etiquette at the dojo. This shows our respect for the instructors and our partners. A good attitude will develop within ourselves, which in turn becomes a great tool in developing relationships outside the dojo. This is harmony; and that is The Way of Aikido!

Yours in Harmony,

Richard L. Essick, President

Gilbert T. James, Chief Instructor

Midwest Yoshinkai Aikido Association